We can't stop talking about seaweed! Amazed, we were, when deep diving research helped us understand how astonishing these organisms are. Possibly one of the most versatile organisms on our planet. Seaweed beds function as underwater rain forests, storing C02, supplying the planet with Oxygen, filtering sea water, forming  nurseries, and offering protection from coastal erosion. There are thousands of macro algae sub types, divided over the three families: brown seaweed, green seaweed and red seaweed. Depending on the type of seaweed and the quality of the water it grows in, it ican be used as or in food (currently 38% of the market), as a hydrocolloid ingredient (currently the biggest segment with 59% of the total market), or as animal feed, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals (combined around 3% of the market). Experiments show it could also have potential as biofuel, plastics, fabrics, and many other applications. Zeewaar focusses on cultivating for premium food purposes. Good for People and Planet!



Zeewaar The first seaweed farm in The Netherlands