seaweed farm

Our true love. Zeewaar's seaweed farm is located in the Jacoba bay of the Eastern Scheldt. A famous Natura 2000 park in the south of the Netherlands. The location right behind the famous Delta Works that keep the North Sea out of our country (which is below sea level), means that our farm is protected against storms, but also against boat traffic and tourism. This makes it the ideal seaweed cultivation location. The harbor is an estimated 6 hectares large, for which Zeewaar has the government permit to cultivate seaweed in the middle section. We designed the seaweed installation ourselves, and with advice from locals in the fishery sector. It is built to withstand the most outrageous storms, with steel poles that stand 7 meter deep in the sea bed. Rock solid. Between the poles, you see thick ropes held afloat by buoys. This is the roof of the seaweed farm. Underneath, deeper in the water, the seaweed start material, or "hatchlings' float on other ropes that are tied to the roof. Until they are ready for harvest. This picture is taken of the starting surface, which we can multiply by a factor 15 over the coming years.

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Zeewaar The first seaweed farm in The Netherlands