Zeewaar products

business customers

We sell directly to professional parties operating in the food industry. For parties outside of the Netherlands, we have frozen as well as dried seaweed available. Minimum orders are as follows:

  • Frozen Royal Kombu (Saccharina latissima): 100KG frozen, packaged per 10kg/2kg
  • Frozen Atlantic Wakame (Alaria esculente): 100KG frozen, packaged per 10kg/2kg
  • Dried Royal Kombu: 1kg
  • Dried Sea Lettuce (Ulva): 1kg
  • Dried Altantic Wakame: 1kg
  • Salted seaweed upon request

dried specfications

professionally flaked to different sizes:

2mm - 7mm - 10mm (and <2mm as well as  >10mm are available on request)

All products are tested by independent laboratories.
Shelve life of frozen and dried seaweed is several years (specified per batch/harvest on the product label).
Both frozen and dried are the most pure versions of seaweed on our European market. We dry at RAW food temperatures (under 45 degrees Celsius), and only remove seawater from the seaweed.

Please send your questions to either info@zeewaar.nl or verkoop@zeewaar.nl and we will get back to you.
Stock permitting, we also sell seaweed for other purposes than food.

retail stores

For stores interested in taking up the Zeewaar Seaweed Herbs, please contact info@zeewaar.nl or verkoop@zeewaar.nl

Our herbs are for sale in supermarkets and specialty stores through the Netherlands, and are very suitable for roll out in other countries in the EU and even beyond.

  1. Zeewiermix is a mix of two seaweed types: Royal Kombu and Ulva for the ultimate taste experience as well as health boost
  2. Zeewierzout is a mix of seasalt and two seaweed types (Royal Kombu and the Ulva)

Translation of labels will be taken care of.

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